Sunday, April 23, 2017

So, apa la cita-cita kau?

*looks at the title and..
Whoa, you can speak Malay ah, Shaza??


Then why you must post your blog in English? BM sudeh, tak payah la nak show off doh. Macam mengada-ngada jew.. ew.. ew.. ew.. *echo.

I can do whatever I want, so if you will kindly STFU.

Okay, enough of that crap. 
But seriously dude. Has anyone ever given thought to what you want be like in the future? If you were asked, "What do you wanna be when you grow up, dude?" You would probably answer with:

 "A doctor, duh, I'm th'o th'mart liddat," 
"Engineer, most definitely! No, wait. Uhh... " 
"Dunno man. I'm just going with the flow,"
"I think Imma be.. Imma, Imma be... a teacher. Stabil job, lotsa holliday time.. bla bla *I'm not listening anymore*... Bla bla..."
"I totally wanna be a model. I mean, look at my amazing B.O.D"

Well... The things above are written by me approximately 5 years ago. Right now, I'm in university and I have a bunch of abandoned projects and starting up new projects. I'm taking a veterinary medicine course and just in case you're wondering what we do, let me summarize it for you.

We go to classes like any other courses from 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, depending on the schedule. We also have practicals during semester break in various animal related fields such as farms, vet clinics, zoo, conservation centres and even labs. Yes, we do surgeries on animals -- cut them up and sewing them back up. X-rays, ultrasound, blood tests and all other diagnostic technique are learned during our 5 years of study. That's it for now.

Does that sound too braggy? No, it wasn't meant to be that way. The truth is I've forgotten the main reason for me to write this post. But whatever the case, everytime I write something, I feel like there should be a message to pass on.

So if there is a message or advice regarding on your ambitions there are a few things:

1. Do not worry if your ambition changes from time to time. That is just how a healthy human should be, dynamic and curious. Doesn't mean that people who only like one thing from birth to death are stale and unhealthy, those people are also dynamic in a way that they pursue their interest and it develops something beautiful. 

2. Do not worry if you don't have an ambition or dream to achieve. Because I will give you something to chase now. I think deep down inside we are all born with the need to be a good person as I mentioned in my previous writing,  so just chase that for the moment. I always find life is like a journey at sea. Not everyone will be departing on the same port and we might end up in different destinations. Maybe sometime in the middle of sailing you forgot where you wanted to go initially, but whatever it is, you must sail forward to find land again. Do you get it? Is that too deep of a metaphor?

3. Stop being blinded on chasing on to be the most advanced or the best in people's eyes. It's important to define yourself what is best for yourself suiting to your wants and needs. 

This is quite an optimistic view on ambition and life itself and I am well aware of that. But we are all born with a demon inside of us (as one of my lecturer has said recently), I feel that we need some sort of bright perspective to fight that demon. So I hope that these words will spring you into action and somehow pull you out of despair, o' great society of depressed people. InshaAllah.

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